Public Projects

Does Money Buy Citations?

A project investigating the relationship between the financial support biomedical research projects receive and the number of citations their publications achieve.

Vue.js · D3.js

Different Perspectives on the Swiss National Council

The dynamic visualization shows the distribution of seats for the 200 members of the National Council in relation to an additional feature.

Vue.js · D3.js

Open Data Search Results is an ongoing project that makes open data sources more accessible. Anyone at the beginning of web research who wants to get an idea of ​​a certain topic quickly and reliably will be flooded with mostly non-effective results. The search engine delivers fewer but more qualified hits. For the initial test phase, the results are categorized into media, institutions, statistics, science and Wikipedia.

Python · Flask · Vue.js · Google Firebase


Visualizations of the swissvotes datasets of the federal referendums follow-up surveys.

Vue.js · D3.js · Google Firebase

Visualizing Subjects in an Interdisciplinary Context

Tackling complex real-world problems needs interdisciplinary research and an open knowledge landscape easy to navigate. kmapper is such a knowledge mapper. lets you search articles indexed in the DOAJ and visualizes the results based on relevance and scientific discipline.

D3.js · Ruby on Rails · PostgreSQL · Heroku