Domain Ontologies for the Humanities was developed by Cyrill Martin during the National Infrastructure for Editions project at the University of Basel and is being further developed by kmapper.

Core of the website is the library of humanities ontologies, which are maintained as Turtle files in their own GitHub Repository. For the website, the ontologies are automatically converted into various RDF formats and HTML. supports content negotiation in order to request specific formats programmatically and meets the criteria of 5 Star Linked Open Data.

StackJekyll · Python · XSL · Docker

Visualizing Subjects in an Interdisciplinary Context

Tackling complex real-world problems needs interdisciplinary research and an open knowledge landscape easy to navigate. kmapper is such a knowledge mapper. lets you search articles indexed in the DOAJ and visualizes the results based on relevance and scientific discipline.

StackRuby on Rails · PostgreSQL · D3.js